Get The Look!


Rugged Style

What’s the difference between stubble as a conscious grooming choice and stubble as evidence of a lazy late morning? The i-Stubble®. It creates a rugged look in minutes with technology so advanced it makes style effortless. Just follow these easy steps:

    1. Select the length you want on the LCD display – and remember – it is always best to start cutting with a longer length first. You can always trim it shorter if necessary.
    2. Hold the stubble trim against the hair, the teeth of the comb guide should be pointing upwards and should be flat against the face. Move the trimmer upwards through the hair, a little at a time, against the direction of hair growth. The floating and contouring head will follow the curves of your face to ensure both accuracy and comfort.
    3. Once you are finished getting the look you desire, turn off the unit and go rock your style.

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