Beautiful Volume


Get The Look!

Avoid the balancing act between your blow dryer and round brush! Introducing the Spin Air Brush by Conair® Infiniti Pro, this all-in-one system will give you classically beautiful, voluminous hair, time after time. The unit dries, shines and shapes your hair effortlessly, giving you the freedom of one hand usage!

  1. Start with clean hair, towel dry and remove any excess water. For greater efficiency of the Spin Air Brush you can quickly blow dry your hair with a Conair Infiniti Pro blow dryer to get the dampness out.
  2. Part your hair down the middle, clip one side and grab a section on the other side. Turn the unit on high and start from the root. Work your way down slowly, you will notice your hair getting smoother and shinier as you work your way down the section of hair.
  3. To create a “blowout” look, use the right or left button (depending on which side you are using the tool) to wrap the hair around the Spin Air Brush. This will create a slight curl at the end giving you a beautiful voluminous look. To lock the style in, use the cool setting.
  4. Repeat on remaining sections of hair

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