Creating Waves
Ensure the hair is clean, dry and free of dry shampoo, hairspray, mousse, spray wax, styling dust and all other styling products.
Comb through to remove any tangles and divide the hair into sections, no bigger than 3cm wide.
To turn the appliance on, slide the switch to the heat setting suitable for your hair type (See Heat Settings).
Heat Settings
If you have delicate, fine or coloured hair, use the lower heat settings. For thicker hair, use the higher heat settings.
It is suggested to always complete a test on initial use to ensure the correct temperature is used on the hair type. Start on the lowest setting and increase the temperature until desired result is achieved. See guide of the temperature settings.
Select the wave setting by sliding the switch to wave mode (See Wave or Smooth Settings).
Wave or Smooth Settings
The wave or smooth setting allows you to switch between the Wave Mode for perfectly formed waves or Smooth Mode for a sleek finish without flattening.
Wave direction can be selected by sliding the switch to desired direction (See Wave Direction Settings).
Wave Direction Settings
The wave direction settings allow you to chose the direction of your wave formation.
Always insert the hair into the appliance with the open part of the ceramic chamber facing towards the head. For longer length hair, insert the hair into the appliance further down the section to ensure the hair is drawn into the ceramic chamber efficiently.
IMPORTANT! The neat section of hair must be inserted into the opening, beyond the hair stopper (A) until it reaches the hair guide (B). If too much hair is placed into the appliance opening and outside of hair stopper (A) the appliance will beep continuously. To continue using, remove the appliance from the hair and insert smaller sections of hair.
IMPORTANT! Firmly close the handles together to allow the hair to be drawn into the ceramic chamber.
Keep the appliance in position and once the hair has been drawn into the ceramic chamber, the appliance will start beeping. Continue to hold the handles closed until the appliance sounds finish audio, this is to indicate the time is up.
IMPORTANT! If the styler is not released from the hair after the finish audio, it will beep continuously and the power indicator will flash until the handles are released. To continue using the appliance, remove from the hair and use as normal.
Release the handles fully and smoothly pull the appliance away from the head to reveal the chosen wave.
To allow the wave to set, do not comb or brush the hair until it cools.
Repeat around the head until you have the amount of waves desired. After use, switch off and unplug the appliance.