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Many aspects of modern living, including air conditioning, contact with man-made fibres and air pollution contribute to a build-up of static electricity, causing the surface of the cuticle to become rough and hair to look frizzy.

The active frizz-control ionic generator produces a stream of conditioning ions which act to neutralize the static charge, smoothing the cuticle for an instant shiny, frizz-free finish.
What are Ions?
A: An ion is a charged positive or negative particle. Generally when your hair has more positive or negative Ions it produces frizz or static.
How does The Ultimate Brush work?
A: The Powered Ultimate brush comes equipped with an ionic generator which produces positive and negative ions. The additional ions help neutralize your hair- leaving it silky, shiny and smooth.
How is the brush powered?
A: The brush comes with 2 AAA batteries these batteries can last up to 3 months or more depending on the frequency of usage. Once the batteries run out properly dispose of the batteries and replace as needed. Turn off the brush after each use to ensure longer battery life.
Can I use this brush daily?
A: Yes; you can use this brush daily and whenever your hair is frizzy or has static. Conditioning Ions instantly leaves hair looking and feeling soft.
Can I wash this brush?
A: Yes, - simply remove the head of the brush and rinse with water — dry completely and reassemble.
(follow included manual instructions)
Is there a Warranty?
A: Yes, there is a limited 2 year warranty.
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